Sell my Hotpads

I Paypal 50% commission within 48 hours of order placement 

Here's how it works:

I weave 6" wool/cotton hotpads.  My cotton loops are repurposed from donated cotton t-shirts.  The wool loops are plant dyed. 

I weave incredibly tightly for someone with my post-stroke deficits.  My work will stand up to hard use and regular washing for years.

$5 for three Hotpads gets you started.  You can Paypal me and arrange a porch pickup or bring cash and chat with birddude.

555 Tyler #17
across from Best Value Inn

Call 541 246 5122 when on your way.

Birddude is hearing impaired.  KNOCK LOUDLY

Invite your friends for tea, sell the hotpads for whatever price you choose. hand out my cards and tell your friends you'll receive a commission when they order.

I think they might do well in local tea shops or bodegas.