Hey now, I'm tripichick, an old Hippie, veteran of 27 Grateful Dead shows.    I weave durable 6" cotton/wool hotpads in the Whitaker District of Eugene Oregon..

I've had a challenging life :  two special needs kids {first-born had three hip surgeries, costing $100,000 by age six and drained thousands from my transcription work each month.  I had a 27-week preemie after cervical cancer who cost $1/4 miliion.  An AVM bleed ended my medical transcription career and led me incurably incontinent {on a Medicare budget} at 52.

Two years ago my generous sis-in-law gifted me a potholder weaving set, remembering the hundreds I wove in second grade.  I relearned from YouTube.  Muscle memory is awesome!

Check out this women's history month wool/felt potholder in WSPU colors of green, purple and white:

My durable Hippie-woven potholders/trivets are 6", woven from wool, nylon and cotton loops while listening to the Grateful Dead.  


Three for $5 when picked up in the Whit. Fifteen for $40 shipped.

Email tripichick {gmail} with two colors you like and and three that you dont want. 

Tell me what Tuesday or  Thursday you'll pick them up between 3 and 5 or Saturday 11 to 2.

555 Tyler #17, across from Best Value Inn.

call me at 5412465122 when you're on the way.

Please KNOCK LOUDLY at the agreed-upon time.