tripichick volunteers

Greetings, I'm a 63 yo alter-abled Benthamite Hippie craftsper, a resident of the Whit since 2001  with my ponytailed, neurodivergent Jeopardy contestant partner.  Here's what I can do for my community:

I'll felt wool beads with the littles for an hour at any community gathering in the Whit that I can walk or easily ride the bus to.

My squirt bottle and tub method is low mess ~~ wool fleece, soapy water {I use Ivory soap}, and a half hour of what Mom called elbow grease produces a bead.

While I'm crafting, my talented partner will photograph the event.  Check out their work here:

I offer other feltmaking workshops.  My newest is this father's day felted stone paperweight

workshop list:

I need email confirmation three days before the event and a phone check-in the afternoon before the event, please..